Timber provides one of the best insulation values of any material used in the construction of windows and has been used extensively over the last one hundred years.

Heritage Units in Timber Windows

Timber windows have been single glazed because of the inability of bulky standard double glazed units to be glazed into timber windows, particularly timber windows with narrow beading, which are not acceptable by Planning Authorities for conservation, listed or graded buildings.

Heritage Double Glazed Units open up many possibilities for the manufacturer of timber windows.

Heritage units will fit into the rebates of an astragal. This prevents the perimeter seal being visible and a rebate astragal could accommodate a heritage unit with a front putty or beading surround.

There is enormous potential in the replacement of heritage units into single glazed windows, as heritage units will fit into most single glazing rebates.

When Heritage Double Glazed Units are glazed into timber windows, they are undetectable, unless examined close up.

Planning and Conservation Authorities should consider the use of Heritage Double Glazed Units in Conservation and Listed or Graded Buildings as there is no change to the physical appearance of a window, providing the property owner a reduction in energy consumption, therefore a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.