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Double Glazed

It is possible to construct a double glazed unit with very little space between the two glass panes. With a 5mm perimeter seal depth and a selected insulating inert gas cavity to obtain U-Values to comply with Building Regulations, comparable or better than U-Values can be obtained than with standard units with much wider cavities.

Heritage Double Glazed Units are constructed with a 4mm clear outer pane with a selected cavity of 4mm, 5mm or 6.5mm, the wider cavity, increases the insulation, with selected cavity insulating inert gas, which only performs in smaller cavities, and inner pane of 4mm Low Emissivity glass.

The emissivity coating on Heritage Double Glazed Units is on the inside face into the cavity and reflects the long wave radiation or heat back into the room. The warm edge technology perimeter spacer incorporated, ensures insignificant differential insulation value between edge and centre of glass.

Today it is necessary for Hertiage Double Glazed Units to comply with Building Regulations in respect of U-Values which are slightly different between Scotland and England. Heritage Double Glazed Units can comply with both these regulations.

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