Heritage double glazed units use low emmissivity glass, energy efficient warm edge spacers and are filled with an inert gas ideal for compression.

Emissivity glass is a coated glass on one face of the glass that has the effect of reflecting heat back into the room.

Energy savings

Whilst retaining the character of Georgian or Victorian timber framed windows and complying with building regulations with low profile heritage double glazed units, your home will retain a good proportion of heat inside through the combination of the emissivity glass, warm edge spacers and inert gas which occupies the cavity.

Heritage units are manufactured with Pilkington K, Hard Coat, which has a very good emissivity insulation value with good light transmission of 75% compared to clear glass at 81%, therefore there is reasonable solar gain during daylight hours.

With each units low profile perimeter seal (5mm) and the width of the unit (11.3 mm), it can be puttied into conventional sized or existing wooden sashes, leaving no sign of the double glazing. The outer pane can also be heat treated to reproduce inconsistencies in the glass.

Using heritage double glazed units offers savings in timber costs, installation, and the improved insulation will help protect the environment, through the lowering of carbon dioxide emissions, as well as savings on your fuel bills.

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