Conservation & Repair

Conservation / Listed buildings

Due to our skilled team and ability to use traditional techniques we are able to manufacture windows and doors to match existing styles required for listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas.

Sash window refurbishment

We repair and refurbish sash windows that just need a bit of attention:-

Our specialist team who undertake the repairs can:

  • Replace broken sash cords or springs
  • Service or replace pulleys
  • Check and re balance the sashes to ensure easy sliding
  • Replace rotten parts of the window including sill
  • Replace staff and parting bead with new, which incorporates sealing brushes to reduce draughts and rattles
  • New window catches and pulls
  • New sliding sashes can be fitted to an existing sash box
  • Replace broken glass

Window/door repairs

We also repair existing windows and doors:-

  • Replace broken / misted glass units
  • Scarf in new timber to rotten parts of the frame/casement
  • Replace any casements that are not repairable
  • Draught proofing
  • Ease casements / doors so they open and close with ease
  • Replace handles and ironmongery

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